It's Our Business

Preventing Sexual Violence is everybody's business. Tautoko Mai Sexual Harm Support, RespectEd Aotearoa, Safer Communities Tauranga and Western Bay, TMAPS and the Acorn Foundation are running two workshops in Tauranga for bar staff called "It's Our Business".

It’s Our Business is a training developed by Respected Aotearoa that explores the responsibilities and opportunities of hospitality staff and businesses to actively prevent sexual violence. This was a highly successful campaign run in Wellington as a collaboration between the Council, Police and Respected to educate bar staff about how to respond appropriately when people are in vulnerable situations. Here is a link to more about the campaign:


Similar campaigns overseas have seen reduction in sexual assaults occurring. 

It’s Our Business explores the responsibilities and opportunities of hospitality staff and businesses to actively prevent sexual violence. While great work is being done in our communities to raise awareness of the issues, incidents of sexual violence continue to occur at high rates in NZ, particularly when alcohol is involved.  This course is being offered FREE, including lunch!

The training has been developed by experienced educators and clinicians, and will explore sexual harm prevalence, common myths/misconceptions about sexual harm, practical initiatives for prevention and intervention, and how to safely respond to disclosures of harm.  We are committed to creating a safe, strengths-based learning environment and all participants are encouraged to contribute to the training in a way that makes them feel comfortable.  The interactive approach combines a range of different learning methods, including scenario-based learning, small group reflections, media analysis, and take-home written exercises.

Participants will learn how to:

• Define sexual harm and sexual harassment

• Understand sexual harassment in the broader context of society/culture

• Understand the impacts of sexual harm

• Take practical steps for preventing sexual harm

• Establish safe spaces in venues and at events

• Respond safely and appropriately to disclosures of sexual harm

• Manage robust personal and professional boundaries

• Engage in self-care & community care

If communities are made aware of skills to safely intervene in and prevent sexual violence, they are more likely to take on the responsibility to actively engage in preventative behaviour.   Providing 'ethical bystander' skills to community members such as bar and security staff, restaurateurs and night club staff, will engender a safer social environment. It contributes to the elimination of sexual violence nationwide by making effective education in this area more accessible to a wider range of communities and by empowering those working in licenced premises to be leaders in violence prevention. 

The workshops are being held in Mt Maunganui on the 6th September and Tauranga on the 7th of September.   Places are limited so enrol now by clicking the link for times and venues -

Monday 6 September

Tuesday 7 September